YouSendit vs. MongoFiles: Side-by-Side Review & Comparison

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YouSendit and MongoFiles both allow you to send large files to other people over email. They work by letting you upload your file to their server, and then they provide you a link at which anyone can download the file. Most email providers, including Gmail, will limit your file sizes to about 25MB, so you'll need one of these file sending services to send larger files.

Yousendit has been around for a long time and is the market leader in file sharing. MongoFiles is a newer company, providing a similar service, but with a couple small differences.

Cost differences

Both services have a free option - you can send files up to 100MB in size for free. To send larger files up to 2GM, you need to subscribe. Yousendit costs $10 / month, and MongoFiles costs $5 / month.

Best part of Yousendit

The coolest part of Yousendit is that you get something called a "Dropbox" which allows other people to send large files back to you. So not only can you send large files to other people, you can point people to your dropbox page to have them send large files back to you.

Best part of MongoFiles

Probably the nicest thing about MongoFiles is that they keep your file alive and downloadable for 30 days, instead of just 7 days with Yousendit. There have been countless times that I've sent out a Yousendit link to a group, and 2 or 3 people take more than a week to click it, and I have to re-upload the whole thing again. With MongoFiles you get a whole month, which is usually more than enough.

Speed of uploads and downloads

I found MongoFiles to be a bit faster for uploading and downloading files. Also the site is very simple and clean to use, there's never any advertising or extra stuff they're trying to sell you. They seem to focus purely and making it fast and easy to share files. Yousendit's service is also reliable, and I haven't had any major problems with them.

Comparing premium packages of each

For premium users, MongoFiles also gives you 10GB of "locker" space, where you can store your files online with them. Yousendit gives you 2GB. MongoFiles is also half the price at $5 vs. $10 for Yousendit. Overall I think MongoFiles is a better value.

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Posted on Dec 8, 2010

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